Congratulations!!! Peri Spokesman Chu Bingjie Being the Championship of MASTERS

Congratulations to Peri's Spokesman Chu Bingjie. In Linyi Station of 2019 WORLD CHINESE POOL MASTERS, Chu Bingjie defeated Yu Haitao by 19-15, eliminated the blank area in his individual champion, and raised the number of individual professional competition champions to the eight championships after his returning to the Chinese-style billiard field.

One highlight of the Masters Competition was PX2-01 used by Chu Bingjie. It is an updated version of the Peri PX series, which combined both delicacy and wildness. In PX2-01, there are 4 golden decoration rings. In addition, the newly upgraded “cross carbon fiber” is adopted in the whole butt, which is conducive to power transmission. The joint of PX2-01 is Radial Pin. And the wrap is made of lizard skin with the characteristics of moisture-proof and perspiration absorption. All in all, PX2-01 is fine in the multi-boutique.


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