Peri Player Jayson Shaw Showed Great Strength in US Open 9-Ball Championship

The US Open 9-Ball Championship comes to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas as America’s most prestigious billiards tournament is relaunched by Matchroom Multi Sport with a record-breaking prize fund.

One of the biggest titles in world 9-ball, the US Open sees the best players on the planet battle it out over three breathless days to reach to the final 16, after which all matches are sudden death knockout played under the TV lights in front of an international audience.

After 488 matches of double elimination pool, only 16 left standing honors to enters the Diamond Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Convention Center, Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The tournament now switches to single elimination. The top two seeded players – defending champion Jayson Shaw and US No.1 Shane van Boening – both came through the double elimination stage unscathed and will now face Joshua Filler and Wu Jiaqing respectively in two of the standout matches from the last 16.

PERI PLAYER JAYSON SHAW has showed great strength in US Open 9-Ball Championship with his weapon PX-04. In Round 1, JAYSON SHAW defeated Marcus Western in 11-0, and then defeated Tom Staveley in 11-5; Round 2, JAYSON SHAW defeated Hunter Lombardo in 11-7; Round 3, JAYSON SHAW defeated Corey Deuel in 11-1 and finally defeated Petri Makkonen in 11-8.

(Jayson Shaw and Peri PX-04)

Peri PX-04, as the choice of the world's top player, is also the best choice for everyone who wants to win. PX-04 is a pool cue series under the brand of Peri, which was perfectly designed by experienced designer and carefully polished and manufactured by the factory. Therefore, Peri PX-04 was equipped with the top-class performance. It adopts KAMUI(S) tip and XTC ferrule, which is classic and durable. The wood of the cue was the precious birdseye maple imported from North America with cross-shaped carbon fiber core. It is not only perfect in performance, but also has a splendid appearance.


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