The Battle among Top-Level Players – Dai Yong and Jayson Shaw in Guangzhou GBE

The 13th Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) was held from May 9 - May 11. This time, the exhibition area of LAILI GROUP was from D25 to D48 in 4.2 Hall. During the period of GBE, the equipment vendors, players and fans from all over the world and all over the country are flowing to the various equipment booths of LAILI GROUP. Hundreds of new products, including new cue sticks, new billiard tables and new cue cases were the big surprise. The people in site were attracted by the superior technology and performance of Peri products, as well as the great number of research and development innovations. Many dealers rush to make the preemptive orders, and the foreign players attracted by the reputation of Peri Brand came to the booth for purchasing the cue sticks also happened frequently. A part of European wait-and-see customers, which specialized in high-end products, have been to GBE for 3-4 years. This time, they abandon their hesitation after several years’ contact and understanding of PERI as well as seeing the new products displayed. They just signed the regional brand agency contract immediately. In the point views of these European friends, no matter whether the design or the performance of Peri products, through the rapid development of these years, have reached to a world first-rate level, they believed Peri will step into the first-class billiard brand in the immediate future. There exists fierce market competition and the risk of going downhill when distribute a stable old brand, so they preferred to work with a good brand that is on the rise. As the businessmen, the brand quality and future profits are the important concerns. “PERI is a potential stock and will be a blue chip”.

What is even more exciting is the challenge competition of Jayson Shaw in Laili exhibition area. The first challenger is Dai Yong, the king of Chinese Billiard. They two presented a wonderful competition with the same rules like LCBA Chinese 9-ball competition. In the first five rounds, Dai Yong suppressed Jason Shaw in his home match. Jayson, a nine-table veteran, was initially troubled by the humid air in Guangzhou and his first-try of Chinese billiards. As the match progressed, the shooting experience of Jayson returned, and then he showed the extraordinary adaptability and quick master the rules, finally he awarded 3 big prizes and 5 small prizes in the match. After the breathtaking match, Jayson Shaw won the final award by 121:79 in 1th day and showed his great strength in Chinese billiards.


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