Peri • special edition -- Pyramid "515" : This cue is made with ebony wood and inlaid with 515 pieces of ( BOCOTE and BIRDEYE maple wood ). each inlay is specially selected, the idea for the design of this Unique Mosaic pattern comes from the Egyptian pyramids, because of the quality and working hours put into every cue.
The Peri shaft uses north American maple which is kept in Peri international storage at a constant temperature and humidity for 5 years, this makes the wood more stabilized to ensure an excellent playing feel. Using a Peri overload tip (yellow/black), with solid wood extensions included for a more natural playability.


inlaid with BOCOTE and BIRDEYE maple wood Inlaid Golden Peri logo Radial Pin Joint

Main materials: Ebony Wood   
Shaft: P10
Standard shaft length:; 29″
Standard tip: Overload Tip
Joint: Radial pin
Standard weight: 18.5oz-19.5oz
RRP: $ 4926


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