Performance characteristics: taper design for clearer sight alignment, stiffer design for a higher stability;The lock point is more precise, the strike effect is sharper. With an improvement in accuracy.
Tip diameter: 12.5mm
Recommend: players and enthusiasts who want to enhance their game with a sense of power and accuracy



Model: P8-K P8-R P8-S P8   
Taper : Pro Pro Pro Pro
Material: Maple Maple Maple Maple
Structure: Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Length: 29" 29" 29" 29"
Weight: 3.8oz-4.2oz 3.8oz-4.2oz 3.8oz-4.2oz 3.8oz-4.2oz
Tip: peri Overload Tip(M) peri Overload Tip(M) Peri Hawkeye Ⅱ Tip (M) Peri Black Ice Tip (M)
Joint: Radial Pin Radial Pin Radial Pin 3/8 - 10 joint
RRP: $ 671 is suitable for Duke,marquess $ 337 is suitable for Earl $ 171 is suitable for Viscount $ 102 Specially equipped with Blitz seriers(Need to send back the factory)


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