Duke Aquitaine P-T03

High performance meets high fashion with the PERI P-T03 cues. Each cue is crafted from the finest exotic woods, expertly crafted and meticulously designed, the luxury features include sleek A level EBONY wood, and aluminum inlays. Paired with the P20 shaft, it’s a wicked look with precision play to match.


Ebony & elaborate inlayed Butt-Cap Silver color Alloy & Maple Wood Inlay Rings Radial Pin Joint

Main materials: EBONY WOOD   
Shaft: P8/P10/P20
Standard shaft length: 29″
Standard tip: Night Fury Tip
Joint: Radial pin
Standard weight: 18.5oz-19.5oz
Extension: Two Maple wood Extensions (200mm、100mm)
Wrap: White Lizard skin Wrap
RRP: $ 6077

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