Saudi Arabia POC, Look Forward to Your Attention

POC is growing vigorously, there are about 160 players from Saudi and from all over the world participated in this billiards event, including super players like Ronnie Alcano, the Legend Ralf Soquoet, Eklent Kaci, Sanjin, Zalenski and many other players from Arab countries and Philippines.

Samman, as our Peri sponsored player, has won first match against 2017 Kingdom Champion in 9-4, even though, in his second round, he lost his match, but in loser round, he won against a player from Kuwait in 9-7 and was qualified to top 64. We still look forward to him for brilliant performance in later games.

One of the highlights of POC is our Peri brand. The Peri logo with the artistic design attract the attendent’s attention at its first show in Saudi Arabia. More and more pro players are consulting our brand products and show good interest in our products. If you are the one, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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