Congratulations!!! Peri Pro Player Mickey Krause Wins the DM Title

2019 DDBU & DIF'S DANMARKSMESTRSKAB (Danmark Championship) was held on weekends, April 13 – 14. The elite players gathered in Risskov and made premises for the Danish Championships in two most difficult pool competition: 10-ball and Straight Pool.

Straight Pool Competition was started on Saturday. In history, Straight Pool was referred to as the Championship Game in which the billiards skill of the player was really important. In this game, Peri professional player Mickey Krause showed his great billiard skills and won the championship.

(Peri Pro Player Mickey Krause ranked No. 1)

After Straight Pool was completed, the competition of 10-ball was held at 9:00 am on Sunday morning, all 16 players were ready to claim the 10-ball medals. The biggest difficulty in this competition is the requirement on accurate positioning; the players can shoot balls from all angles and places on the pool table. After fierce competition, Peri player Mickey Krause won the runner-up.

(Peri Pro Player Mickey Krause ranked No. 2)

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