Peri, the Choice of Top-Level Billiard Competition Winners, Attracting the Eyes of All the Customers

At the Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition, there was an exhibition hall that was surrounded by people. When it was squeezed in, it turned out that three kings (Jayson Shaw, Bingjie Chu and Yong Dai) of the billiards industry were performing a peak matchup in Peri Exhibition Area. Chinese and foreign top-level players will confront each other, and the smell of gunpowder makes visitors who come to visit cannot help but get nervous.

Jayson Shaw

Bingjie Chu

Yong Dai

Peri Brand has always been the preferred billiard brand for Jayson Shaw, Bingjie Chu, Yong Dai and many other billiard star players. Our cues are made of selected North American maples, focusing on the shooting experience and performance of cue sticks. With the fine workmanship and gorgeous appearance, Peri Brand has always been the first choice for Chinese and foreign billiard lovers. Many Chinese and foreign billiards enthusiasts came to the exhibition area to select and purchase billiard products.

Peri spokesman and signed online celebrity players.

Customers from all over the world


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